Tuesday, November 1, 2016

week 5 post

Jumia Market is one of the sales companies that has taken itself to marketing its products via Facebook. This company connects the company and the buyers by offering the online shop platform. Customers can browse through the catalogue and connect with the buyer for an online delivery service. This paper looks at the marketing strategies that the company uses on the Facebook platform as a case study.
 This company makes use of Facebook paid advertisements. Normally, the company will engage the second news feed on a user’s timeline to advertise some of the products on offer. There is a wide range of products available including televisions, mobile phones, smart watches, electronics, kitchenware and cutlery among others. A diversity of market goods are offered on this platform, having noted that physical address shops incur some additional costs of rent and storage. Moreover, administrative costs that are associated with setting up a physical premises for a chain of shops are quite high in city areas. The company thus sets up one physical premises from which delivery persons can collect ordered goods. 
          Gray encourages business to adopt to the internet era to access wider markets for their products. Jumia Market has indeed used the online platform to link up several companies with their clients, including real estate companies, travel agencies, electronics and furniture, apparel and so much more. This opens up Jumia Market to be a one-shop for all.


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 1 post

1.What prompted you to enroll in this course/

This class is my major requirement. Now, I am a student study in OSU, and I applied for degree partnership program this term. The reason I didn't chose this class in OSU was that the tuition is way cheaper here.

2.Are you a business/marketing major?

Yes, my major is business administration.

3.What are you most interested in learning about marketing?

What is marketing? How to success in my own business? how to make a good marketing plan?

4.Tell us something you are passionate about outside of college?

I like running, fishing, and music.

Look through some online news sites, magazines, newspapers and other sites that focus on marketing (e.g. Ad Age, Forbes, Mashable).

Pick an article that you find interesting. After reading the article:

Summarize the article.
What's the main point that applies to marketing?
What did you learn?
Written by Agrawal (2016) on Forbes, this article provides five deviously effective marketing

strategies considered by various organizations as far as Internet marketing is concerned. The first

strategy is the minimalism movement wins that incur provision of simple but appealing design,

product promotion and brand messaging. Most companies such as Uber, Nike and Apple have come

up with simple propositions with fewer complexions to be successful companies across the world.

They believe that simplicity brings about brand transformation, recognition and more appealing to a

broader audience. The second strategy is to skim when nobody is ready. Companies as well as

organizations tend to use video marketing rather than written contents which has impressive returns.

This is because nowadays people tend to consume information through skimming method. This

means that your marketing messages should be delivered quickly with consumable information. 
The third marketing strategy is for the business to get to the point fast.  This is through picture 

which tends to be worth a thousand words or via a video worth ten thousand words. People want to 

get to the point fast and that is why your message should be on the point and relevant to the audience.

The fourth strategy in this article and based on the marketing strategy is for the business to get others 

to do the work for them. Business needs to take advantage of social media since when a brand goes 

viral on the internet; it becomes a successful product on the market. This is why you need other 

stakeholder to help you spread your content. Finally, the business needs to start with a trailer that has 

a distinct way of delivering a message that matters.